Monday, December 3, 2012

it takes a minute

I usually don't do this, so know that it's important.  Today, a fellow volunteer stumbled upon a White House petition asking the Obama administration to provide better financial assistance for RPCVs (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) with educational debt.  We know how the continually rising cost of higher education can be a burden on a lot of individuals.  Joining the Peace Corps is a huge commitment and an even larger one for those who graduate with debt.  We aren't called Peace Corps Volunteers for no reason and our living stipend, which allows us to live comfortably in our host countries, doesn't translate into savings that can be allocated towards paying off loans.

I am one of the lucky ones who graduated without debt thanks to the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program.  But for the sake of all my friends and fellow PCVs who do have loans to pay off, please sign the petition.  It is quick and painless and can lead to change.  We are at 1,300 signatures and we need to reach 25,000 by December 19!    So, click here and sign away!  It requires you to create a account, but all you have to do is tell them your email and name.  And then you have an account on whitehouse,gov- doesn't that sounds awesome?  It's like you're talking directly to President Obama! (Ok...not really, but it's still cool).

That's it!  Thanks!! Pass it on


P.S. Life update to come

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